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University Condos are designed to generate income for the persistent investor as well as parents who wish to give their children the freedom to create and manage their own space.

The attraction to invest to student property as an asset class is increasing due to the relatively high yields on offer that are a result of increasing demand.

The Location is an ideal place for one not only to spend one’s school days, or for families to start building their dreams, it also offers immense investment potential. Start your investment NOW!  

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Think about it: if your child rents a place, your money is helping the landlord pay his or her mortgage and other costs. If you buy a place instead and rent it to the student, you have a real estate investment with a guaranteed tenant: your child!  If the investment goes up in value, you will make money. 

Remember: you may not make money if you buy a student condo...But there are other reasons you may decide to go ahead. At the very least, you can provide your child with a nice place to live in a good neighbourhood while they go to school.  view lists of our ubelt condos»

We have lists of Brand New RFO Condo Units in Ubelt Espana & Malate area.  

ready for occupancy ubelt condos

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