Nearing Completion - University Tower 4 in P Noval


"The Student "Hotel" - The first student condominium design with the luxury of a five-star hotel. Enrich your children's lives for Higher Learning through Better Living!"

It's been six years since we started to pre-sale the 4th condominium project in the university belt by Prince Jun Development Corp. Now basic construction is done and just working on its finishing stage. Needless to say, there's been a ton of progress since then.

Prince Jun Development Corporation has dubbed this project the University Tower 4 in P. Noval and now approaching completion. The tower offers first class amenities such as pools, gym, theater and other luxuries that you can imagine.  

UT4 is already a successful project, with buyers' excitement for the turnover, so it clearly makes sense from an end-user and business perspective. And as we've said many times, given the location University Tower P Noval gives the perfect view of your investment.

This condominium offers prime investment opportunity with its strong leasing potential brought about by year-round tenant demand. Student property is one of the most active asset classes available and can strengthen your investment portfolio significantly.